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The focus of Hundt Architecture is on the critical relationship between the requirements of the client and exceptional design. Hundt Architecture seeks to listen intently to the needs of each client. Each conversation leads to insight, design direction, and a well thought-out building. Exceptional design is the result of three things: decisions that are sensitive to the site, the careful selection and detailing of materials, and the creation of spaces that foster a strong sense of place.


  • pre-design

Site and zoning code analysis quickly indicate large scale opportunities and limitations on a project.

  • schematic design

Exploring the initial design ideas of a project in both two and three dimensions can confirm principal project demands; documents can then be used to estimate costs.

  • Construction documents

A complete set of documents outlining the entire scope of the project can be sent to pre-selected contractors or multiple bidders.

  • bidding, approvals, contract administration

Attending meetings with contractors, inspectors, and design review boards finalize the process of preparing the project for permitting. Visiting the site while the project is under construction ensures that the built project conforms to the intent of the construction drawings.


  • sustainable design

At Hundt Architecture sustainable design means optimizing decision making from the very beginning of the project. Recognized industry standards for new construction, or existing building audits that provide goals for deep energy retrofits are tools that can be used to increase user comfort and lower client's utility bills. In addition, sensitivity to water usage, indoor air quality and material selection minimize a building's impact on human health and the natural environment.

  • project experience

Hundt Architecture prides itself on providing services from pre-design through construction on a select number of project types including single family residential, multi-family residential, restaurants, and office/medical spaces.

After spending time listening to our needs and wants, Ryan drew up detailed floor plans and 3D computer models of the new spaces for both us and our contractor. In addition, Ryan represented us in front of the Design and Review Board of our city to get our project approved. Throughout the entire process, Ryan was personable, professional, and knowledgeable.
— Brian Began
Ryan Hundt, AIA in MIlwaukee, WI on Houzz


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Here's a look at some of the projects currently in design at Hundt Architecture.


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